Reputable Laundry Services in Marion, OH

Colonial Coin Laundry offers a variety of reputable laundry services in Marion, OH. Whether you want us to wash, dry, and fold for you, or you prefer self-serve. We have it all! 

Reasons to choose Colonial Coin Laundry:

  • Too busy to do your laundry? Drop it off with us! We offer wash, dry, and fold service for those on the go people.
  • For self serve customers we have Express washers so you can wash and dry your laundry in 1 hour. 
  • Don't have time to finish drying/folding your laundry? We'll dry and fold it for you to pick up later.
  • We offer front load equipment that cleans better and rinses more soap residue from clothing. 
  • We can wash comforters, sleeping bags, snowmobile suits, insulated coveralls, small cloth backed rugs etc. - those big and bulky items you can't wash at home. 
  • Bring in any size comforter on Tuesday, leave it overnite, and we will wash and dry it for half price! 
  • We have several higher capacity machines to wash hundreds of pounds at once. 
  • All the equipment is cleaned after each use.  We don't accept pet bedding to be washed. 
  • We are a safe laundry facility. We have an attendant on site at all times during business hours, we're always kept clean, and we have excellent lighting. We want to make sure that you can feel comfortable when you’re here.

Two locations to serve you in Marion

610 Bellefontaine Ave. | 383-9886
Reputable Laundry Services in Marion, OH
2,000#/hr Capacity - Click on picture above for map and more information
587 North Main Street | 383-9892
Safe Laundry Facility in Marion, OH
2,400#/hr Capacity - Click on picture above for map and more information
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Thursday, September 24, 2020

New Washers!

New washers added to our North Main store! We added an 80#, 50#, and two 30# Electrolux 450G force washers last week. In December of last year we added two 60# and two 50# Electrolux 450G washers, (Snuck that one in on you).  The 80# is the biggest in Marion and is popular with customers.

450G extraction saves you time (15 min dry time in most cases), money ($3.50 drying on an 80# load), and gets your clothes cleaner(extracts more dirt). Wash and dry in as little as 45 minutes!

We also added 5 - 50# Electrolux stack dryers (10 pockets) back in December. They dry about 10% faster and reverse direction every three minutes so that bedding does not roll up and stay wet. We're ready for you!

8:14 am edt 

8:06 am edt 

New Dryers!

We replaced our 30# stack dryers at the Bellefontaine Ave store with 35# Electrolux dryers. They dry about 10% faster and reverse direction every three minutes so that bedding does not roll up and stay wet.

With our Dexter 200G Express washers we're sure you can wash and dry bedding, jeans and towel loads in less than an hour.

8:04 am edt 

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Your time is valuable and we know you have things to do other than laundry. Whether you want to wash yourself or have us launder for you, we can have you in and out with clean, fresh clothes in a jiffy. 

  • We feature Dexter and Wascomat commercial grade front load washers which clean better, have two rinse cycles, and spin out drier than old style residential equipment.
  • Our Express unit spins at an incredible 200G force, or more, so you can wash and dry in under an hour.
  • We also offer same day wash/dry/fold service up to 7 PM. It's the best value in town.
  • You will find plenty of off street parking and a continuously cleaned, well lit and safe facility.  
  • We have plenty of machines available for immediate use including larger 20, 30, 50, and 60 lbs.
  • We can do bulky items like comforters, uniforms, throw rugs and sleeping blankets.
  • Our attendants can assist you getting clothes in and out of your car and with equipment use.
  • Commercial accounts welcome. Call or e-mail for custom services.

Store Hours
610 Bellefontaine Ave
587 N. Main

Daily 8AM to 9PM

Monday-Friday 8AM to 9PM

Must finish by 10:15PM

Saturday-Sunday 7:30AM-9PM

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